Chat with WhatsApp without Adding Phones to Your Contacts

As you know, for unknown reasons, WhatsApp does not allow you to send messages to people who are not in your contacts.

Sometimes, I want to chat using WhatsApp with colleagues I meet, customers, or institutions who are not in my contacts. Since I work with WhatsApp mainly via my computer (The desktop version of WhatsApp), to accomplish this task I need:

  • Go to my mobile phone
  • add the new contact,
  • Open WhatsApp
  • Search for the new contact
  • Start the chat

It is error-prone, superfluous, and an annoying task. Especially, When I need to send only one message to the person (For example: to send a scan of a document). In this case, It makes my contacts list larger with all those one-time contacts.


Just enter in your web browser (in your computer or mobile device) the following address.[ country code ][ phone number without leading 0 ]

The WhatsApp will be opened with the chat screen of this number. Now, I can start to chat and send messages to this man (of course, Only if the number is associated with a WhatsApp account )


Example 1

If your phone is from Israel (country code is 972) and the phone number is 052-1234567 write:

Example 2

If your phone is from Israel (country code is 972) and the phone number is 054-1122331 write:

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